“I found Gore Couture a few years ago and finally contacted Krissy to have a couple made. Krissy is the absolute BEST designer!!! I was in awe with her craftsmanship when I opened her packaging (which was a work of art in itself). The corsets fit so perfectly, I wondered why I waited so long to order!!”

~Teeka Belle, Client, CT, US.

“A true professional and expert at what she produces, Krissy has produced some excellent pieces for me over the years that continue to be worn over and over. You get what you pay for these days, and in Krissy’s case this is pure beauty; the passion she feels for her work shines out in what she creates. May she continue to be more successful with each passing year as she deserves it for the hard work she has done.”

~Michael Bond, Client, UK.

They’re always absolutely perfect when they arrive, and I’ve never had any issues with mine at all.
She makes them to a really high quality/standard, and if you’re looking for tight lacing look no further!
It’s well worth the money to get a corset from Gore Couture.. Not only do they look fabulous but they’re much more original and unusual than buying a cheap plastic boned corset!”

~Violet Morphine, Client & Model, LA, US.

“I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with the amazing corsets from Gore Couture and if there is one word to describe this talented ladies work, it’s: amazing. If you order anything from GC then you will not be disappointed. Everything is made to an impeccable standard with the greatest care and attention to detail. It is truly unique and beautiful work.”

~Alivya V Free, Model/MUA, UK.

“I have worked with Gore Couture on a number of occasions and projects. Krissy’s attention to detail with her corsets is second to none. It is always a pleasure to work with her and her stunning corsets.”

~Imogen Sotos-Castello, Client & Model, UK.

“Imaginative and original – truly one of kind innovative designs. Finely made down to the last detail, sturdy and over all stellar quality! Gore Couture knows how to create and design corsets to be completely unique and extreme, with a touch of gore whilst still maintaining class.”

~RazorCandi, Model, Romania.

“As I was thinking about my upcoming school prom. I didn’t want anything that would make me look the same as everyone else! I had a few ideas for what I wanted and when I got together with Krissy we worked through the ideas together to create an amazing one off corset. We worked closely together on the final design and when I went to collect my corset I was so exited and we both cried when I saw it! It was just amazing, the quality of the corset and the whole experience was great from start to finish. Anyone thinking of having a “Gore Couture” corset won’t be disappointed!”

~Izzy Hibbert, Client, UK.

“I speak from both a customer and working relationship with Gore Couture. When planning a photo shoot, Krissy knows exactly what she wants and is looking for; she is efficient and has a keen eye for detail and perfection. Her customer care is of the utmost standards, everyone is treated as individual as is each corset design. The quality of each design is full proof, real steel boned designs from strong long lasting quality materials, each with small personal flares unique to gore couture, I still have mine, and always feel proud to wear it and show it off.”

~Kate Elizabeth, Client & Photographer, UK.

“I was lucky to work with Krissy on a really cool photo shoot for Gore Couture, she made me a stunning underbust corset (the first Lorena) and I was so chuffed when I received it, Gore Couture corsets are strong and detailed, the tulle mesh added a beautiful texture which she carefully did by hand, better even she had my name embroidered on the lining, what a special touch! I discovered Gore Couture corsetry a few years ago because of their unique designs, I am very much into horror themes and they are the only corsetiers covering this genre to such a high standard. I can see Krissy designing for movies in no time!”

~Morgana, Model & Photographer, UK.

“I have two Gore-Couture corsets and they are simply the best corsets I have ever owned. They are fantastically made and hand finished to perfection. The fabric and materials used to make them are of the highest standard. Krissy has a passion for what she does and so she ensures that every single detail is perfect. Krissy does not believe in almost perfect or second best. You will not be disappointed with a Gore-Couture corset, in actual fact you’ll kick yourself for not getting one earlier.”

~Yvette Trubuil, Client, UK.

“Gore Couture corsets are the finest, most stunningly creative corsets I have ever shot. The extremely well constructed designs always add to the finished photo without taking anything away from the model. Always my first choice for clothing on any shoot!”

~Mark Leary, (ASYLUMseventy7) Photographer, UK.

“I got a custom corset made a while ago from Gore Couture, it’s so freaking awesome and I just feel amazing in it! And Krissy was so generous to put decoration around the whole thing (didn’t expect that). And it’s so well made too ! Love everything about it! Thank you so much”

~Klara Gunnarsson, Client, Sweden.