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Evil-torials: Horror Themes in High Fashion – Plastic Surgery

I’d like to kick off my inaugural guest post with what I hope to be the beginning of an ongoing series self-explanatorily titled “Evil-torials: Horror Themes in High Fashion”. Each installment will center around a different creepy focal point such as serial killers or hauntings. In the case of the former, you’ll likely be treated to accessory spreads which feature handbags in the “three month’s rent” price range nonchalantly resting against implements found in a masked maniac’s underground torture lair. The latter might showcase magazine scans of ghost girls clad in gauzy ensembles as they float from halls of abandoned mansions straight onto the pages of glossies. Long story short, probably lots of things shot by Steven Meisel and Tim Walker.

Today’s installment is devoted to the intersecting circle in the Venn diagram of horror and fashion: plastic surgery. Whether stitching together scraps of silk or suturing skin, a lot can be said for the propensity of cosmetic surgeons, slashers, and couturiers toward wielding sharp objects as a means of bringing their design to life. As a result, if I was asked to attribute the quote “Perfection can’t be attained without a little bloodshed” * to Karl Lagerfeld, Hannibal Lecter or Dr. 90210, my reply would consist of “All three”.

And on that note, it seems apt to compile a sampling of imagery that evokes mortification of flesh in the name of beauty.

“Makeover Madness”

Vogue Italia July 2005

Photographed by: Steven Meisel

With: Elise Crombez, Eugenia Volodina, Hana Soukupova, Inguna Butane, Jessica Stam, Julia Stegner, Linda Evangelista, Missy Rayder

Every so often, while reading fashion or beauty magazines I’ll come across an essay penned by a writer who bemoans that “normal rules don’t apply to supermodels”(nine times out of ten the article pertains to nutrition and the “rules” reference model metabolism). My typical response consists of a quick eyeroll, since I neither exalt nor envy these women for their prized physical attributes. However after viewing this Vogue spread, I felt inclined to agree with the “supermodels are special creatures” camp. After all, if making phonecalls straight from the operating table isn’t a tell-tale sign of superhuman abilities, than I don’t know what is.

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