Construction & Care

Corset Construction

All G-C corsets are made to the highest standard using traditional methods and are suitable for tight-lacing. I use the best quality steel spiral bones in the main part and also straight tipped steel bones at the back either side of the eyelets for strength and in some styles down the front for extra support in the tummy area. If you are a regular corset wearer and you have suggestions for where you would like extra boning please e-mail me. As each corset is made to order I can tailor make it to your requirements. Each steel bone is encased in its own bone casing to ensure no poke through. I also use strong steel busk fasteners on most styles.

Each corset has at least 3 layers and has an internal waist tape for extra strength. Some creations have even more layers due to the layered visual effect created. At least one of these layers is made out of the best quality Cotton Coutil. Even PVC garments are interfaced carefully, so you will not find any flimsy wrinkling and certainly no stretch. Each piece is hand finished on the inside for a seamless finish.

You can provide your own fabric providing it is suitable for me to use. If there is something you have in mind please let me know and I will try my best to source it for you. You don’t have to have one of the horror/gore creations, let me know if you want a plain corset making in any of the styles as I can make one for you created to the same high standard.

I currently stock 4 different colours of eyelets; black, vintage, silver & gold. Let me know if you want a different colour. Each are 2 part with eyelet & washer at the back for added strength. Flat cotton lacing is used for lacing up your corset as it does not stretch or slip. If you require a certain colour please let me know your suggestions by e-mail.

I positively encourage you to design your own piece, so should you want any of the creations in the gallery making with the fabric and style of another – let me know! Personalising your own piece makes the creation even more unique! That is what is strived for here at Gore Couture – Unique Freaks!!

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to email at info[at]

Care of your Corset

DO NOT put your corset in the washing machine! This could damage it and rust the internal boning. Your corset can be dry cleaned. However, this should be as a last resort as the process is not good for your garment long term. This is especially true if there are our hand crafted trims attached. I recommend freshening your corset with a spray fabric refresher. Spray the corset lightly on the INSIDE ONLY! (Be very careful to not spray the outside fabric, especially PVC and my other crafted fabrics). Hang your corset by the laces to dry after spraying. The fabric on the outside can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, but again, be very careful with crafted fabrics, as these can watermark.

All new corsets need a certain amount of breaking in. Over-tightening your new corset will cause damage to it. This can be avoided by breaking in your new corset over time.  All corsets are made to last under normal conditions, but we cannot be held responsible for how individuals treat their garments.

Latex Corsets

All my latex corsets are made from Natural Rubber Sheeting by 4D Rubber.  Most colours are available, please check with me before ordering. All late corsets are glued using strong industrial latex adhesive, NOT water based latex milk. All seams are perfectly smooth whether on your body or on the hanger.

Use talcum powder or a dressing aid on the inside or on your body if garment will be next to your skin. Polish with silicone spray or a water based lubricant regularly. Hand wash your latex in mild soapy water, rinse with fresh clean water and hang to dry. Protect your latex corset by keeping away from light and heat. It is recommended when not being worn to be kept lightly talced or polished after washing and put in a black plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer.

DO NOT use any oil or petroleum based products on your latex as this will harm your latex.