Krissy1Gore Couture is Krissy Gore – the Hannibal Lecter of the corset world. They’re both known to get inside peoples’ heads and spill the contents onto fabric. And while their methodology might overlap, the agendas differ considerably – she enjoys transforming your darkest desires into waist cinching garments that awe and amaze all who lay eyes on you – whereas Dr. Lecter thinks your brain would taste great in a pâté.

That might not be the subtlest way of making your acquaintance, but hey, neither is her work. Whether her sights are set on the gruesome or larger-than-life glamour, the end game is always the same – satisfying the “more is more” clientele’s cravings for being the most photographed person in the room. Don’t let her aggressive approach toward aesthetics intimidate you, the girl behind the disembodied doll heads, supersized spikes, and occult graphics might appear somewhat unsettling, but I assure you that she’s rather nice.

Her venture into couture began in her early teens, when she enrolled at the prestigious University of Trial and Error. Fulfilling the dual role of teacher and student, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Insanely Inventive Corsetry. In the process she gained knowledge of the magical formula that defined her design philosophy: healthy outlet for serial killer obsession + perfectionism + experience= wearable works of macabre art that fit like a dream (why sacrifice comfort when you can sacrifice your soul?)

This desire to construct bespoke horror-themed garments that were neither clichéd nor costume-y, inevitably lead to the launch of Gore Couture in 2008. Cofounded by Miss Fiendish, best known for her creepy handcrafted heels, the brand aimed to establish itself visually as a meeting point between sophistication and splatter. To ensure continuously exceeding clients’ expectations on the quality front, they offered a made-to-measure service that ensured all your contours were cradled comfortably, sourced the highest quality materials and summoned infernal forces before shipping each order out. Presently, the label is no longer a joint effort, but Miss Fiendish will always remain a close friend and creative inspiration.

When not actively slicing and dicing – textiles that is – this functioning workaholic manages to keep her creative muse happy and well fed by painting & drawing. Beyond the realm of corsetry, she enjoys a multifaceted collection of music, spanning from the abysses of heavy metal to the fanciful whimsy of Parisian lounge music, as well as travelling.